Kllylmrck (Kelly Limerick)

Biography Kelly Limerick is the pseudonym of Singaporean-born artist Kelly Lim.
Having first picked up crochet in 1997 when she was 7 years old, Kelly then taught herself knitting, and have since been coming up with her original designs for both crochet and knit.

With yarn as her most familiar medium, Kelly often designs without set patterns to produce unique, one-off designs that are almost impossible to replicate. In 2013, she started a project entitled HANANA (a combination of 'BANANA' and 'HANA' (flower in Japanese), which explored mythical Japanese monsters and reconstructed them into abstract creations. This sparked off her love for 'kimo-kawaii' (きもかわいい)- a Japanese term meaning grotesque-cute- which has since led up to her fantastical knitted art with its focus on textures and details. 
HANANA has since branched out into 2 merchandise lines, HA/NANA and HA/DE. The former encompasses handy items in day-to-day life putting a cute twist on familiar objects, while the latter is a flashy accessory line incorporating items like toys into crocheted textures.

Combining her various techniques with the abstract images in her head, Kelly hopes to breathe life into her art, giving each piece a personality of its own.

Exhibitions 2017 – Design, Make & Craft Fair 2017, National Library (Singapore); MUJI Living in a Garden City, ION Orchard (Singapore). 2016 – Tiger Trading Co., Canal Street, Chinatown (NYC). 2015 – HYPERFLAT Collective, Design Festa Gallery (Tokyo); World Amigurumi Exhibition, RESOBOX Gallery (NYC); 2014 – The Best of You, Marina Square (Singapore); 2013 – Treats of the Trades, Mad Nest (Singapore)

Press FEMALE Magazine – Humans of Fashion; L'Officiel Singapore – Dare to Disrupt; TODAY – Singapore Street Style Gets Real; FEMALE Magazine – 5 Singapore Creatives... Knitting to a Whole New Level; FEMALE Magazine – 16 Singaporeans... Breaking the Rules; The New Paper – Tricks of the Thread; Lo Fi #08 (Thread Expression); CATALOG Magazine – The Girl with Magical Hair; Straits Times: Life (Style) – Knitting is Cool; Contented.cc – Rebel at Heart



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