Jazz Szu-Ying Chen

Biography Jazz Szu-Ying Chen (b. 1990) is a Taiwanese artist currently residing in London, UK. She graduated from Central Saint Martin's BA Fine Art course in 2013 and finished her Masters degree in Art & Science in the same university in 2015. Jazz is interested in beauty and the grotesque within the field of anatomy, specifically medical wax models from the 16th century, such as Clemente Susini’s and Gaetano Giuio Zummo’s wax models. She manipulates the dissected anatomical imageries and create tableaus with unlikely characteristics such as Flemish floral/fruit details, French ornaments, East Asian illustrative symbolic elements, and Japanese anime. She uses the tableaus to tell a story about the clash between Eastern and Western cultural conventions, and they also function as social commentaries on contemporary society. 

Featured Jazz's art career debut was in 2007, with a solo exhibition called “Karnival” in the Sincewell Gallery (Kaohsiung, Taiwan). Since then, Jazz has been consistently exhibiting in both Taiwan and UK every year. Most recently she has showed at Christie's Multiplied Art Fair (2014) and at Central Saint Martin's Lethaby Gallery. 


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