Carmen Chen

Biography Carmen Chen a freelance illustrator who works in Singapore, creates tongue-in-cheek illustrations that are usually self-referential and honest. Her style, heavily influenced by spending much of her adolescent years on Adultswim and Nickelodeon, is often described as bold and unpolished. She works across mediums, from digital and analog illustrations to wall murals and most recently, moving images. Her works can be found in various local publications like Esquire, Timeout and Zinegapore, an interactive ipad guide by Kinectic. When she is not freelancing, she can be found running Nopegals, a side project selling her illustrations in the form of pins and badges.

Featured Aiga eye on design; Esquire Singapore; IS magazine Singapore; Lofi Magazine; The design society journal.

Clients Esquire Singapore, Happy Socks Distributor, Macdonald’s Singapore, Rockstar Singapore, Timeout Malaysia.



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